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When you live in Homosassa, FL, or the surrounding areas, you’re likely aware of the dermatology issues that the climate, bugs, and plants can cause. Whether it’s allergic reactions, rashes, acne, lesions and growths from spending time in the sun, or even a sunburn, many Floridians find themselves with an occasional dermatology issue.

When you need dermatology issue treatment, visit Habtu Adera MD for help. We have the experience to help your skin be as healthy as possible, no matter how much time you spend outside.

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When you have a dermatology issue, you may be tempted to leave it alone without seeking treatment. While some things might eventually clear up on their own, you are better off visiting a professional to ensure that you won’t have long-term damage from something that may start out simple.

A physician can give you the correct diagnosis and treatment you need to minimize temporary discomfort, eventual damage, or even more serious consequences if the dermatology issue is a sign of a more serious condition.

We can help with the occasional sun, insect, or allergic reaction that causes a skin issue as well as recurring issues like acne, rosacea, and psoriasis. We’re prepared to answer your questions and give you the tools to help your skin look healthy and beautiful without itchiness, redness, or other uncomfortable skin issues.

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If you need dermatology issue treatment for any kind of wound or skin issue, Dr. Adera can help. We have the tools to give you a thorough examination, remove lesions, perform a biopsy, and treat any dermatology issue you may be dealing with.

Call our office today at (352)341-2800 to schedule an appointment to evaluate your skin. Located in Inverness, FL, we serve the surrounding area, including Homosassa, FL.

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