Alexandra Caldwell

Medical Assistant

Since 2016, Alexandra has been Dr. Adera's right hand. Addicted to excellent customer service, Alexandra is forever finding ways to ensure the best client experience possible. In short, having a millennial as bright, professional, and kind as Alexandra has made all of us at Adera & Adera better.

Every practice should have a Jeniffer. After working in the big city, this Big Fish landed in our little pond and we are happily hooked. As Adera & Adera's operations manager, Jeniffer is responsible for business operations including financials, advertising, and practice flow. She works from both her left and right brain, which explains her incredible organizational and artistic talents. 

Jeniffer Lofton

Operations Manager

The other Dr. Adera houses her private primary care practice under the same roof. Dr. Jill keeps Adera & Adera on its toes with her high energy, creative ideas, and passion for wellness. Her residency was also at Robert Wood Johnson, Phillipsburg, New Jersey, and she too is Board Certified in Family Medicine.

Jill P. Adera, DO

Talented. Meticulous. Humble.  That's what our clients think of Dr. Adera. After graduating in 2002 from the highly respected Robert Wood Johnson Family Medicine Program in New Jersey, Dr. Adera has continually maintained his Board Certification. His training in cosmetic procedures has come via the top national injectors in the industry. Excellent results are of course his top priority, yet Dr. Adera values the entire process of deciding why, which, and when treatments should be offered. His greatest goal is achieving results that reflect "Still you, simply better."

Habtu M. Adera, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine offering Cosmetic and Dermatology Services